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Stormwater Group Conference Papers

Stormwater conference 2018

Stormwater Conference 2018 papers

Stormwater Conference 2017

Stormwater Conference 2017 papers

Keynote Presentations

Innovation in Stormwater Management - Jamie Ewert, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities Australia

stormwater conference 2016

Stormwater Conference 2016 papers 

Stormwater Conference 2015

Stormwater Conference 2015 papers 

Stormwater Conference 2014

Keynote Presentations

Changing the Paradigm - Incorporating Low Impact Development Principles with Traditional Stormwater Facilities - Dougie Howie

8th South Pacific Stormwater Conference 2013

Keynote Presentations

Evolution of Disturbed Fluvial Systems: Implications for and Approaches to Stream Restoration - Dr Andrew Simon

From Spatial Planning to Built Project: A Landscape Architects View on Water - Rachel de Lambert

Governance Inititatives for Mainstreaming Integrated Stormwater Management Practice: A Social Science Perspective - Annette Bos

Blue Gold - Ludo Campbell-Reid

7th South Pacific Stormwater Conference - 2011

Stormwater Management Opportunities with Urban Re-development - Aidan Cooper

Cost Benefit Analysis of Urban Flood Protection - Allan Leahy

Long Bay Development - Benefits of Coupled Modelling - Brett Disley

Fate of Stormwater-derived Metals in Tidal Creeks - Jennifer Gadd

The Proprietary Device Evaluation Protocol for Stormwater Treatment in the Auckland Region - Judy-Ann Ansen

Floating Vegetated Island Retrofit to Treat Stormwater Runoff - Karine Borne

Modelling Aquifer Recharge with Stormwater in Urban Areas - Marija Tutulic

Generalising Mannings N for High Performance Roadside Vegatated Swal Drains and Filter Strips - Peter McCarten

Realities of Stormwater Quality. Singapore vs Small Town Australia - Rob Dexter

Stormwater Conference 2010

Keynote Presentations:

A Changing Environment and New Challenges -Bill Bayfield

"Healthy Waterways For All - The Challenges" -Gary Williams

6th South Pacific Stormwater Conference 2009

Keynote Presentations:

Water Reuse in Australia: Success, Failures and Opportunities -Joe Flynn

Water Sensitive Urban Design Where to Now? -Simon Beecham

Aquatic Resource Protection Are we on the right track? -Earl Shaver

5th South Pacific Stormwater Conference 2007

Keynote Presentations

The Three Points Approach -Govert Geldof

Sustainable Water Management in the City Environment -Lindsay Gow

The Story of Melbourne: Key Factors for Advancing Water Sensitive Urban Design -Dr Rebekah Brown

Regional Meetings

Whangarei, October 2015

Northland Coastal Hazard Assessment to 2115 - Toby Kay

Ko Tangonge Te Wai: Challenges of Restoration and Management of a Floodplain Lake - Troy Brockbank

Auckland, June 2012

Stormwater Compliance During Construction, Why is it Important? - Adam Duncan

Co-operative Approach to Consent Processing - Adam Duncan