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Stormwater Group Conference Papers

Stormwater Conference 2019

Stormwater Conference 2019 programme

Stormwater 2019 Conference Papers

Stormwater Conference 2018

Stormwater Conference 2018 papers

Stormwater Conference 2017

Stormwater Conference 2017 papers

Keynote Presentations

Innovation in Stormwater Management - Jamie Ewert, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities Australia

stormwater conference 2016

Stormwater Conference 2016 papers 

Stormwater Conference 2015

Stormwater Conference 2015 papers 

Stormwater Conference 2014

Keynote Presentations

Changing the Paradigm - Incorporating Low Impact Development Principles with Traditional Stormwater Facilities - Dougie Howie

8th South Pacific Stormwater Conference 2013

Keynote Presentations

Evolution of Disturbed Fluvial Systems: Implications for and Approaches to Stream Restoration - Dr Andrew Simon

From Spatial Planning to Built Project: A Landscape Architects View on Water - Rachel de Lambert

Governance Inititatives for Mainstreaming Integrated Stormwater Management Practice: A Social Science Perspective - Annette Bos

Blue Gold - Ludo Campbell-Reid

7th South Pacific Stormwater Conference - 2011

Stormwater Management Opportunities with Urban Re-development - Aidan Cooper

Cost Benefit Analysis of Urban Flood Protection - Allan Leahy

Long Bay Development - Benefits of Coupled Modelling - Brett Disley

Fate of Stormwater-derived Metals in Tidal Creeks - Jennifer Gadd

The Proprietary Device Evaluation Protocol for Stormwater Treatment in the Auckland Region - Judy-Ann Ansen

Floating Vegetated Island Retrofit to Treat Stormwater Runoff - Karine Borne

Modelling Aquifer Recharge with Stormwater in Urban Areas - Marija Tutulic

Generalising Mannings N for High Performance Roadside Vegatated Swal Drains and Filter Strips - Peter McCarten

Realities of Stormwater Quality. Singapore vs Small Town Australia - Rob Dexter

Stormwater Conference 2010

Keynote Presentations:

A Changing Environment and New Challenges -Bill Bayfield

"Healthy Waterways For All - The Challenges" -Gary Williams

6th South Pacific Stormwater Conference 2009

Keynote Presentations:

Water Reuse in Australia: Success, Failures and Opportunities -Joe Flynn

Water Sensitive Urban Design Where to Now? -Simon Beecham

Aquatic Resource Protection Are we on the right track? -Earl Shaver

5th South Pacific Stormwater Conference 2007

Keynote Presentations

The Three Points Approach -Govert Geldof

Sustainable Water Management in the City Environment -Lindsay Gow

The Story of Melbourne: Key Factors for Advancing Water Sensitive Urban Design -Dr Rebekah Brown

Regional Meetings

Whangarei, October 2015

Northland Coastal Hazard Assessment to 2115 - Toby Kay

Ko Tangonge Te Wai: Challenges of Restoration and Management of a Floodplain Lake - Troy Brockbank

Auckland, June 2012

Stormwater Compliance During Construction, Why is it Important? - Adam Duncan

Co-operative Approach to Consent Processing - Adam Duncan